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Review: Vegan dining at Alchemilla, Nottingham

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Good news for all those eating a plant based diet, Alchemilla restaurant in Nottingham can prepare a 10 course vegan tasting menu and may soon be getting a Michelin Star.  Naturally, my partner and I were very keen to check it out.  


The restaurant opened in August 2017 and is the brain child of head chef Alex Bond who owns the place, having previously cooked at Sat Bains, Nottingham.  I’m told his philosophy is that people eat too much meat and so even for the carnivores there is an emphasis on vegetables.

The décor is beautifully simplistic.  The building is a renovated coach house that sat empty for 150 years.  Exposed brickwork line the walls and terrariums are placed elegantly on the centre of tables.

The booking system on the website is very good, you can instantly see the times that are available for lunch and dinner.  Although you’d be lucky to get a weekend evening reservation unless you’re planning several months in advance.

The bread...


When will I learn… stop filling up on bread. The bread was warm and melted in your mouth, it was accompanied by a olive oil vegan margarine served on a large black rock. When the waitress asked if we’d like some more I couldn’t resist.

1. BBQ Shiitake, mushroom ketchup, furikake

The first dish was one of our favourites, it had a Japanese feel to it with shiitake mushrooms marinated in a sweet BBQ sauce.  It was surrounded by dabs of mushroom ketchup dotted on the plate.  The fungi were garnished with a granulated seaweed coating, as fine as flour, it simply melts on your palate.


2. Hay smoked potato, onion, seaweed

The second dish was a pyramid of chopped seaweed and onion, covered with slithers of potato. It sat like an island in a pool of creamy sauce that tasted of miso.  Again a delicious dish.  The only negative feedback is that the bowl, while absolutely beautiful, was very deep.  I guess some thought went into this to spare messy eaters from splatters.  If it was a little bit shallower the dish would have been easier to get to.


3. Leek, hazelnut

A bed of pureed leek was placed below a piece of roasted leek.  The double helping of leek was encased in powdered hazelnut and was drizzled with chive oil and scattered with chopped hazelnuts.


4. Onion, wakame , peppercorn sauce

A whole baby onion was presented in a peppercorn sauce and diffused with chopped wakame seaweed.


5. Cauliflower, roasted yeast, almond

We felt this was a take on cauliflower cheese.  Florets of cauliflower were covered with an almond tuile, composed of glucose syrup and almond.  The cauliflower was flavoured with roasted yeast and tasted great with the glacé sugar topping.


6. Salt baked celeriac, roasted celeriac broth

All the celeriac! Pureed celeriac was concealed by salt baked celeriac and surrounded by a broth of roasted celeriac.  The plate was drizzled with chive oil and covered in thinly sliced raw mushrooms.  It was our least favourite savoury dish, but that’s only because the other dishes were amazing and we’re just not into celeriac.


7. BBQ hispy cabbage, hazelnut, puffed rice

A piece of cabbage was barbequed to a crisp, I’m not a fan of the hint of charcoal taste you get with this kind of cooking as I feel it’s a bit bitter.  But it’s to a lot of people’s liking and it was balanced well with the other components of the dish.  We loved the puffed rice and hazelnut shavings and it came in a smooth hazelnut milk doted with garlic and chive oil.


8. Apple pie

Next it was desert time and our first helping was especially special.  A warm poached apple was hidden beneath frozen granita.  The two were blended together as the iced granita met with the warmer apple, producing a cool ice cream broth around the jellified apple.

9. Chocolate, miso, banana, lime

A sauce of warm miso tasted of salted caramel and was served with tepid banana, chocolate mousse and was topped with a crispy chocolate wafer sprinkled with lime zest.

10. Prune, rice cream, pear

This was a take on rice pudding which was placed beneath a tiny scoop of soft ice cream and surrounded with dabs of fruit flavoured gel and prunes.  It was scattered with shards of caramelised sugar.  Flavours of spiced pear complemented the cool creaminess of the pudding relaxing the palate as the meal came to a close.


Overall we found the meal amazing. We were so impressed that so much effort had gone into producing such an incredible plant based menu. We advise you to head down quickly as it’s only a matter of time until the restaurant is awarded a Michelin star.


A vegan dining experience at The Fat Duck, Bray

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On the High Street in Bray our eyes were drawn to a white cottage, illuminated to the extent that it sits almost in daylight in sharp contrast to the shadows that surround it.  Hanging from the building was a medley of silver cutlery which gently quivered in the breeze, subtly signalling to all that passed that they had reached The Fat Duck.


As we approached the building, a well suited man approached us with a smile on his face. He opened the exterior door and we were faced with a short corridor covered in mirrors.  Encaged within the reflective surfaces was a hologram, we were told to pay attention to the projected images as the symbols would become imperative to the journey we’d be going on.

Before we knew it one of the mirrors slid open and a young lady welcomed us through.  The dining area was white washed and minimalistic, a striking blend of new and old.  Cotton cloth covered the tables skimming against the ground. 

On the table there was a looking glass and a pamphlet detailing the journey, which had been inspired by Heston Blumenthal’s memories of holidaying in Cornwall as a child.  We were told we’d be taken on a trip with the hope that our own nostalgia would become evident at each stage of the voyage.

1.       The Day Before We Go: Are we nearly there yet?

Our waiter Liam swiftly wheeled a trolley towards us and told us we’d be having a cocktail.  He picked up a silver canister and a thick mousse was jetted onto a spoon which was dipped into liquid nitrogen.  The concoction was composed of chickpeas and flavoured with lime.  I’m told to eat the dish in one bite.  I don’t listen and as I took a small bite into the edge of the frozen shell the fragile mass splits apart creating a mess as my partner laughed: “here she is, my beautiful wife to be”.

A small sphere appeared next, made up of two pieces of aerated beetroot, sandwiched together by a green gel in the centre.  The deep purple ball disintegrated on my tongue almost instantaneously. 


Dish number three was a gin and tonic except there was no spirit or tonic water, in fact, there was no liquid present at all.  Instead we’re told we’d be experiencing the flavours associated with a gin and tonic but the actual composition was formed from a cumin coin and celery sorbet.


An envelope was laid on the table addressed to my partner and I, a wax seal on the back had the emblem of The Fat Duck.  Inside was a card congratulating us on our engagement and thanking us for celebrating it with them.

2.       Morning: Rise and shine, it’s breakfast time

We were brought a tiny glass of tea and told our drink would be half hot and half cold, the actual beverage had a thin gelatinous membrane down the centre which meant the left and right half of your mouth ended up receiving contrasting temperatures of liquid.


To accompany our tea, packets of breakfast cereals were handed to us.  In the packet was a wooden toy for us to build.  When constructed it became a money box which we placed a coin in.  We were given a bowl of “milk” and told to pour our cereal on the top and we’d be rewarded with a full English breakfast.  The milk was in fact white on the top but gelatinous underneath and when mixed together, our cereal and the jelly hiding under the skin of our “milk” tasted of toast, tomatoes, mushrooms and truffles.

3.       Mid-morning: First one to see the sea…

Well this is a sentimental voyage to Cornwall, and what is such a trip, without some time at the beach.

Large shells were brought to the table with earphones hanging from the opening, within the shell was a small ipod shuffle playing one track on a loop: the sound of waves crashing against the shore.  A box frame filled with sand was brought out.  On the glass sea marinated vegetables including Chinese lettuce glistened next to matt tapioca sand and kombu seaweed flavoured foam.  The salty taste was amplified by the acoustics of the sea which hit the back of your throat taking you straight back to the sensation of swallowing saltwater when swimming in the sea.


It was then time for some ice cream.  The first was a rocket lolly, with each layer tasting of the flavours of a Waldorf salad.  The second, a feast lolly which was in fact mushroom and fig and scattered with tiny pieces of nuts.  Lastly, came the classic 99, except the ice cream was tomato flavoured.

The final part of our trip to the beach was a play in the rock pool.  A black bowl was brought out reminiscent of layers of rock.  A white crab sat at the edge, he was made of cocoa butter we are told.  But before we had a chance to fully take note, hot liquid was poured over and he dissolved away into a liquid broth, forming a soup made of daikon radish and cucumber.


4.       Afternoon: If you go down to the woods today…

A terrarium was brought to the table, leaning against the tree within was a wooden castle.  This personal touch was in relation to our engagement, which had taken place in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland.  Liquid nitrogen was poured in and a mist covered our table with the scents of woodland.  A dish of mushrooms, truffles, beetroot and wood sorrel accompanied our olfactory experience.  A crispy mushroom brandy snap was the centre piece and was filled with glutinous cubes.


The waiter asked if we like being in the woodland, he then paused and said: “because you like walking up hills” I replied: “yes, in America” referring to my most favourite place in the world, Runyon Canyon.  My mind was catapulted to one of the only places in the world that I feel truly relaxed, hiking up the hero’s trail at sunrise.  The toughest ascent is extremely steep and has a sheer drop at the edge.  My heart always pounds, any loss of footing on the loose sand could spell disaster.  A mailbox used to greet you at the top with the words, “no pain, no gain”.  I’m back in the room as he said: “hills like this one” handing me a postcard of Runyon Canyon.

We were then given a bookmark referring to Alice in Wonderland in preparation for our mock turtle soup.  A transparent cup held a vegan “egg”, made of turnip and parsnip.  And a clear teapot with gold-leaf infused liquid accompanied, which we were instructed to pour onto our egg.  The overall effect was a soup flavoured with tomato and mushrooms. 


A very tiny sandwich then greeted us, a wafer within it melted in our mouths and hints of truffle hit our palates. 


We were then given some homemade sourdough bread with olive oil.  The bread was warm and comforting and I couldn’t help but take up the offer of an additional slice.

5.       Evening: Are you ready for dinner?

This is a dining experience, and it’s only fair that we should experience a three course meal, we were handed a set menu and shortly following this our starter was brought out: oyster mushroom with dabs of passion fruit gel and an assortment of pickled vegetables.


Our main was next, vegan “bone marrow” the bone marrow was made from daikon radish and had hints of garlic and a marmite broth was poured over the dish.  If I’m honest I didn’t find this dish very flavoursome.  However it did come with balls of herb infused eggfree mayonnaise, covered in bread crumbs which made me contemplate if this is what chicken kievs taste of (I’ve never had one).

From the other tables it appears that most of the dinners had whisky flavoured sweets for the next dish, so I was glad when tea flavoured gums were brought out to us, having never been a fan of such spirits.  The soft jellies melted in my mouth releasing hints of speciality teas as they dissolved.


The end of our three course meal was the much anticipated desert.  It was a representation of grapes, with gold fragile spheres, a beautifully crafted sugar leaf, a pure gold spiral and citrus flavours throughout. 


6.       Bedtime: Off to the Land of Nod.

A white box was brought to the table, a pillow levitated above as acoustic lullabies gently played.  On top of the pillow was a coconut oil frozen sweet.  The candy melted away almost instantaneously on my tongue.  This appeared to be a palate cleaner as plates of an additional desert were brought out.


A chocolate mousse was encased within a shimmering hard chocolate shell.  Alongside the cocoa flavoured delight was coconut ice cream made from rice milk.  Chocolate shavings were scattered underneath infused with popping candy that danced on the palate.


7.       And then to dream…

To take us right back to our childhood a large wooden sweet shop was wheeled out.  We were  asked to take our coins out of our money boxes and hand them to the waiter, who placed them into a slot.  Doors opened within the wooden model shop until one remained exposed.  The waiter took his sweet shop scoop and placed the contents in a pick-and-mix bag for us to take home.

The journey was almost over but not before we were made to feel incredibly special, Liam asked if we’d like a kitchen tour, which we jumped at the chance of.  We were taken to the back of house to see how everything was prepared.  He also told us that the chefs were developing a vegan dish and they’d love to hear our thoughts… how could we resist.  A tiny envelope with an edible raspberry wax seal was brought out, inside sits the “Queen of Hearts”, a white chocolate decking card with a raspberry centre.

We had the most incredible evening.  We were thrilled that our vegan diet was accommodated so well.  We were also incredibly heartened by the personal touches.  The waiting staff were all incredibly attentive, James went to the bathroom at one point and when he returned his napkin had been folded for him.  At another point he sneezed and within moments a waitress was next to him offering him a box of tissues. 

The expertly crafted food made the evening special, but the nostalgic journey and the staff’s attitude made the night perfect.


Vegan Barbados

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For the last few years I’ve been taking all my holidays in Los Angeles where being a vegan is as common as wearing shoes, but thus when my annual leave came around in March I didn’t want to risk coming back without a suntan so I settled on Barbados.

The island is 21 miles long and 15 miles so everything is accessible including a selection of vegan restaurants.  If you want to taste some Rastafarian vegan culinary delights, then I’d recommend hiring a car.

Before you go, check the opening hours, a lot of places only open for lunch and many aren’t open at all on Sunday’s.


The Good Life


This place is a little gem, nestled away behind a shopping plaza.  It’s a small building with an outdoor feel as there are large openings at the front which blow the warm sea breeze in.  It’s run by Rastafarians who are incredibly nice.  We felt so welcomed by the two men working there, they spoke in such a calm friendly manner, it was impossible not to feel relaxed in such a tranquil setting.


Everything is vegan and the menu is a mix of faux meats in wraps alongside traditional dishes with an elaborate smoothie menu.  I had a tofu pitta with bbq chicken on the side and my partner had a mild coconut curry.


The Good Life, Rockley, Saint Michael, Barbados. 


On Hastings Main Road you’ll find the Quayside Centre Shopping Plaza, this looks a bit like a strip mall with a convenience store, cell phone store etc.  Stand and look at the shopping centre, walk to your right around the circumference of the centre towards the rear and you’ll see The Good Life, it’s a small building with it’s logo painted on the wall alongside it. 
Opens daily 10am-10pm




Although listed as “Vegan Friendly” on HappyCow, this place is so much more than that.  It has the vibe of a takeaway but there are a couple of tables, and a total of six chairs inside if you wanted to perch somewhere to eat your meal.  The owners are a couple who eat a vegan diet, completely free of dairy and egg but they do serve fish.


There is a large selection of vegan dishes which include: standard burgers, chick’in burger (tofu and chick pea), hot dogs etc.  They also serve a selection of fish (perfect if you’re partner isn’t a vegan).  They have an excellent selection of drinks including their “fruitis” which consists of vegan milk alongside fruit concoctions.


Their philosophy is to provide dishes made with local food and they even hand prepare a range of vegan ice cream using ingredients sourced locally including: coconut, seamoss, coffee and mango.  If you’re vegan you should definitely stop by.




How to find:
Hastings Main road, Christ Church
This is on Hasting’s Main Road opposite the Healthy Horizons Beach apartments


Currently opens 10am-9pm Mon-Sat


Sweet potato hummus and sweet potato fries

Sweet potato hummus and sweet potato fries

This is an all round beachside cafe serving meat, fish and some vegetarian options, it made it on my list because the staff were incredibly accommodating.  When I mentioned I was a vegan they checked with the kitchen and even brought me the pita bread wrapper so I could check the ingredients, they also offered to make additional dishes for me which weren’t on the menu.  They’re as accommodating with other diets such as Coeliacs and stock gluten free pasta.
I went for the sweet potato and garlic hummus which comes with vegan pita bread alongside this I had the sweet potato fries.  They also offered to make a stir fry or salad up for me as well.  This was a compromise with my partner (meat eater) who was recommended the blackened barracuda, which the waiter stated was the catch of the day and my partner found this excellent.


You cannot beat the views, we sat on a table looking directly at the ocean, with the sea waves coming in a few feet away. Take a brief stroll and you’re at Folkestone Marine Park, which has areas for swimmers to snorkel away from jet ski’s and a lifeguard on duty.




How to find:
Highway 1, Holetown.
This is in Holetown, an upmarket resort.  You access the restaurant from Highway one (the main road through the resort) where there is ample parking on site or you can come in directly from the beach.


Mon-Sat 11am-11pm
Sun 11:30am-11pm


Vegan Cottage
A medley of vegan cuisine at Vegan Cottage

A medley of vegan cuisine at Vegan Cottage

This place is a must for all vegans, it’s a little cottage transformed into a restaurant, and is the most “restaurant like” of all the vegan places I visited on the island, with formal seating and table clothes.


We were greeted by a lovely lady who asked a bit about our diets, I told her I’m a vegan and I’m not into spicy food and she was happy to accommodate.  She is genuinely interested in getting to know her guests and asked with interest about where we’re from and what our holiday plans were.


After a few minutes we were brought a plate of food, there are no menus here and you are dished up a mix of lovely vegan food which included: pasta, grains, split pea mash, mince, sausage, greens and salad.  The mix of flavours in the traditional Barbados cuisine made this place one of a kind.


We were also offered a refreshing home made juice (also lovely) and for desert we were brought a cassava flour muffin.  Total cost was 25BBD each (£8 a head for a main course, dessert and freshly made juice- you can’t beat that price!)




How to find:
Black Rock Road, Bridgetown, Barbados
Various people have explained how to get here on the web with quite confusing instructions, my advice is just to drive down Black Rock Road and keep your eyes open, it’s on the side of the road which is closest to the sea.  I’ve put a map here with it’s approximate location.

Evening dining by the sea at Naru

This is a Japanese beachside restaurant in Christ Church and the most upmarket restaurant on the list, it too serves meat and fish alongside vegetarian options.  But has a separate vegetarian menu, the restaurant has a “mock duck” which is suitable for vegans and the waiters are extremely attentive.


We were sat on a table next to the sea, with fire lanterns lighting up the sand as the waves broke just meters away.


The staff were able to check suitable items on the menu and accommodate my vegan diet.  When my partner and I wanted to share a starter of sushi but I wanted mine vegan without jalapeños and he wanted his half as spicy as possible, they let us know that this would be no problem at all.
I had the braised mock duck with rice, it was a bit sweet for my liking but my partner tells me this is what a traditional Hoisin sauce tastes like (I wouldn’t know).  My partner went for the catch of the day again and found it was cooked to perfection within a coconut and ginger emulsion.




How to find:
The Shak Shak Complex, Hastings, Christ Church, Barbados
(On The South Coast Boardwalk)
Top tip: when making a reservation, ask for a table by the sea


New Years Resolutions

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For some reason at the strike of midnight on January 1st people become especially spiritual. They make a decision to improve their lives for the next 365 days through the art of the New Year’s resolution.

A picture of a celebrity (Harold from neighbours) taking a picture of me

People often choose to make a huge lifestyle change. And for some reason believe that the fact they didn’t choose to act on it before this point in time will not hold them back from achieving this change.

And I of course want to follow the trend but obviously more drastically than the average person.

I have in the past accomplished a number of challenges people have set me including, get a picture of a celebrity taking a picture of me (thank-you Harold Bishop), take part in the largest tomato food fight in the world and swim with sharks.

I believe peoples resolutions can fall into a number of categories, boring, stupid, healthy, extreme and amusing. All of which are doomed to fail. So I shall now endeavour to place a resolution in each category and then fulfil them.

At the biggest tomato food fight in the world, this was in retrospect a very poor decision.


This is the category for resolutions that make you sigh when you are told of them and fall partially asleep.

My choice: To give blood.

Explanation: I probably weight too little to give blood hence why I have never done it before but this time I shall lie about my weight. What could possibly go wrong? Ok losing 1/7 of my extracellular fluid could pose a problem but I’m sure it’s nothing a couple of iron tablets won’t solve.


This is the category that makes you say, “um, what?” you know like when your osteoporotic gran tells you she is doing a bungee jump or your uncle informs you he is off the find a Russian bride.

My choice: own a pet lobster.

Explanation: Yes that’s right a lobster. Now I have put some thought into this. Turns out lobsters need big heated tanks of saltwater and have claws that can clamp down on your fingers. But nobody said owning a pet was easy.

Swimming with a shark


Ah the classic resolution, the kind which never work. People are not going to stop smoking, drinking, eating chocolate, chips or other cholesterol ridden foods or start going to the gym every day on a new year’s resolution whim.

There is a reason for this known as the stages of change model: people need to have thought something through and be ready to change before they will actually succeed at it. But screw it I’m not a normal person.

My choice: Eat one apple a day

Explanation: I cannot come to terms with giving up my standard diet of eating copious amounts of crisps and there is no way I will succeed at eating five portions of fruit and veg a day (I don’t currently eat five a month, you think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not.)


You know the type, when someone says they are going to do something incredibly ambitious like climb a mountain or run a marathon.

My choice: Become a Goth for a week

Explanation: That’s right a proper Goth for an entire week. I am talking nose rings, black hair and pale make-up. It will most likely be the worst week of my life.


Ok not many people do these ones but I have thought of two.

My choices:

1. Take a picture of one thing a day and upload it to a “daily diary” not sure how this will pan out when I go back to medicine, perhaps there will be multiple pictures of surgical equipment or me cannulating my clinical partner.

2. Learn the dance to Michael Jacksons, thriller.