10 things you didn’t know about Big Brother

  1. You have to wait forever to go into the diary room and sometimes you don’t get let in at all.
  2. The wake-up alarm goes off at 9:30am and you are locked in the bedroom all night.
  3. You spend your time locked in either the bedroom or garden while tasks are set up.
  4. The only places to hide are: under your covers, in the bedroom wardrobe, behind the wardrobe door in the bathroom toilet.
  5. There are five toilets: bathroom, bedroom, outside, large task room and small task room.
  6. Only one of the toilets has a lock on the door (large task room).
  7. The bedroom, bathroom and garden toilets have heated seats and the outside toilet has a bidet.
  8. The economy shopping delivery provided better quantity and variety of food than when we won £200 on the shopping budget.
  9. They didn’t provide enough cutlery or spaces at the table for all 14 housemates.
  10. The stain on the carpet in the living room was from when Ben spilled tea on the floor then tried to clean it with a kitchen cleaning solution containing bleach.

8 Responses to “10 things you didn’t know about Big Brother”

  1. What a great idea to tell us this. Never knew about the diary room, that’s terrible xx

  2. starry Says:

    The DR used to be a far bigger part of the show, it’s a shame they reduced its role.

    I also don’t think the tasks were organised very well this year, there were far too many delays for both HMs and those watching live feed

  3. Jonathan Seefeldt Says:

    You would think that they would make a table big enough for everyone…and provide enough silverware.

    Which would you like better, the UK version of nominating someone where everyone gets a vote, or the US version, where only 1 person gets to nominate after winning a competition?

    And I wish I had heated toilet seats in the winter. They seem pretty useless in the summer.

  4. they lock you in ? that’s silly

    you blow us way with you benevolence kindheartedness
    we smile at the thought of you
    she has herself warped round our hearts
    a masterpiece
    a girl from mars
    shine on
    the sparkles in her eyes

  5. Sunshine this wikipedia tells what the US BB is about

  6. Are you serious about the Diary Room?? On the show it looks like a HM just pushes the button and Big Brother opens it straight away. God.. I’m not crazy about the idea of only one bathroom having a lock either!

  7. Chris Devlin Says:

    Do you reckon they only put a lock on the big task room toilet because of Mario’s task as a mole, where he had to trash the kitchen?

  8. Thanks Sunshine! Loved reading this! 🙂

    Adèle – http://moltocuriosa.com

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